About Us

AY Realty is a family owned company doing business in Colorado Springs.  We are Realtors, but we don't do sales - we specialize in renting and managing single family homes.

Andy Shinn brings nearly 20 years of corporate and executive experience with a multi-billion dollar organization prior to moving full-time to head the operations of AY Realty.  Andy heads up operations for AY, while his wife Yvette is lead accountant and office manager. 


Andy received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Marquette University, and a Masters in Business Administration from St. Mary's College.


Yvette is a Navy veteran, and received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from UNLV, and has several years of large bank experience as an accountant. 

Call us at 719-660-7458 for quality property management at a great price, from AY Realty.